The Board of Education is the governing body responsible for overseeing all policies and budgetary decisions of the School District of Philadelphia. Additionally, the Board of Education serves as the authorizer for all charter schools in Philadelphia. The Board is made up of nine (9) Board Members who are appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by City Council. Board Members serve four year terms that are co-terminus with the Mayor’s term.

Board members serve collectively in the best interest of every student in Philadelphia. As a collective body, the Board sets clear, aligned goals that drive decision-making and policy-making to foster strategic planning and investments in support of student achievement.

Board of Education Duties:

  • Adopt operating and capital budgets;
  • Approve investments that align with the Board’s priorities;
  • Appoint and evaluate the Superintendent of Schools;
  • Consider the values and voice of all stakeholders;
  • Evaluate progress towards the District’s goals;
  • Communicate to the public the Board’s priorities, goals, policies, and accomplishments; and
  • Establish and communicate a process by which to seek public input.