Personal Property Inventory

Personal Property

Personal property inventory are the items located in your building or office (i.e. furniture, equipment, SMARTBoards, etc. with a useful life exceeding 1 year) identified by The Office of Accounting Services for tracking and financial monitoring.  The District will tag and add all items that will be tracked in the Oracle Asset Management system.  Each principal/administrator is responsible for knowing the location of the items on their inventory and ensuring it is tagged.

All computer technology will be tracked in the Computer Inventory Module in the Student Information System (SIS) and is no longer housed in the fixed asset system. This includes laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets.

In accordance with District policy, every school and office is required to perform an annual physical inventory.  Accurately maintaining personal property inventory records is imperative since all personal property items purchased by the School District are subject to audit by the City Controller’s Office, and by Federal and State authorities responsible for the administration and oversight of grant programs.