New Construction Plan at T. M. Peirce Elementary School

School: Thomas M. Peirce Elementary School

Project Budget: $33,000,000

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The new elementary school will be a 77,000 square foot, three story building with brick, metal panel and curtain wall systems on the exterior with a steel structural frame. The height of the building and the proportions of the facades and window patterns will reflect the residential scale of the neighborhood with the classroom wing located on the smaller residential Croskey Street.

Curtain wall will define the front entrance and will not only provide visual security for the administrative offices but will showcase the music and art rooms located on the floors above the entrance. The ground floor cafeteria and media center above will also contain curtain wall and generously sized windows that will look out upon the play yard. The building will also be designed for LEED Gold certification. Both the gymnatorium and the cafeteria are located on the first floor as these spaces are anticipated to be shared by the surrounding community during the school’s off hours.

The intent is to provide a beautiful and safe elementary school that will encompass 21st Century learning environments while becoming a place of pride for the students and a beacon to the surrounding community.

Guiding Principles (K12 Design Best Practices)

  • Design for pedagogy / leverage architecture as an effective medium for enhancing teaching and learning
  • Create a safe, inviting, exciting environment for all
  • Provide flexible, differentiated spaces and places that acknowledge and respond to a wide range of learning styles and preferences
  • Look to the future by providing real-world environments for collaboration
  • Capitalize on benefits of shared resources
  • Respond to context, culture, and specific needs design

What is a Design Charrette and what should I expect?

A design charrette is an intensive planning session where citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for development. It provides a forum for ideas and offers the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to the designers. More importantly, it allows everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the plan. Charrettes are organized to encourage the participation of all. Ultimately, the purpose of the charrette is to give all the participants enough information to make good decisions during the planning process.

Team Members

Structural: Macintosh Engineering
Civil: K.S. Engineers, P.C.
Mechanical/Plumbing/Low voltage: Snyder Hoffman Associates, Inc.
Estimating: ICI, Inc.
Food Service: Taff S. Nash

Architects: Blackney Hayes
Electrical: DGW Electrical Engineering
Geotech: Earth Engineering
Landscape Architecture: Simone Collins Landscape Architecture
Acoustician: Metropolitan Acoustics, LLC

Why BHA?

At Blackney Hayes Architects, we believe that educational buildings must stimulate and engage the students and be reflective of the school’s unique mission and culture. They must facilitate teaching, administration, security and maintenance and be adaptable for changes in teaching methodologies. We approach every project with this understanding in mind. Blackney Hayes Architects has worked for a variety of public, charter and independent K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning whose needs have included facility assessments, master planning and feasibility analysis, programming, space planning and interior design, and a full range of architectural design, documentation and construction phase services. Whether designing a school or creating new program space in under-utilized or obsolete facilities, retrofitting existing facilities with the latest systems technology or dealing with deferred maintenance issues, BHA seeks to find flexible design solutions that both respond to immediate problems and lay the foundations to accommodate future growth, technological advances and program change.


New School Building

MARCH 2021

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Design Progress: 80%
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T. M. Peirce Elementary School

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