General Guidelines for Posting in the Weekly Newsletter

If you have material to post in the newsletter, please use the School Leaders’ Newsletter posting form. You must be logged into your District email account for access to this form.

The form asks for:

  • your contact information
  • the posting title and content
  • who readers should contact with any questions or concerns
  • Google attachments you may want added (Please include the URL link in the content/narrative section.  Only use this section for “static” files that will not have live updates.)
  • start and end date for the post
  • your office information

You will be provided a confirmation email of your submission.

The School Leaders’ Newsletter is usually issued via email on Mondays and Thursdays – barring any inclement weather, other unforeseen challenges, or a shortened work week – directly to all Principals, Assistant Principals, Executive Team leadership, and other central office staff who requested to be added to the mailing list.

Posting submissions are due no later than 12noon on Wednesdays, for Mondays and 12noon on Tuesdays, for Thursdays newsletter.