The Chief Schools Office has responsibility for sixteen (16) learning networks and their schools. The learning networks number from 1-13, plus the Acceleration, Innovation and Opportunity learning networks. In support of the 16 learning networks, the Chief Schools Office offers the following services:

  • Administration
  • Leadership Development and Evaluation
  • School Operations
  • School Organization


Services: Collaboration with external and internal stakeholders; Board contracts and school-based limited contracts; Academic Calendars; Parent and student Concerns; Principals’ Resource Newsletter; Chief Schools Officer approval for school-based paperwork and school trips
Key Contact: Marille Thomas mfthomas@philasd.org – Executive Assistant to the Chief Schools Officer

Leadership Development and Evaluation

Services: Principal and Assistant Principal Leadership Development and Coaching; Educator Evaluation (Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher, Non-Teacher Professional, Early Childhood Field Coordinator); Leadership Pathways; Growth Mindset Focus; Cornerstone
Key Contact: Brian Wilson bwilson@philasd.org – Senior Project Manager

School Operations

Services: School year opening and closing; School building facilities; Principal preparedness; Lindback Foundation Awards
Key Contact: Melinda Mammi mmammi@philasd.org – Executive Assistant

School Organization

Services: Rostering and Class credit support; Graduation; Homeschooling; Summer Programs
Key Contact: 
Kristin Combs kcombs@philasd.org – Executive Director