Popular forms used in District schools

Form Type
Approved Bus Vendors SY18-19 - UpdatedApproved Bus Vendors SY18-19 - UpdatedApproved Bus Vendors SY18-19Bus vendor's that are approved by the SDP for school trip purposes
Coach Bus Letter to Schools_20190104Approved Coach Buses and Letter to School Bus vendors for the use of The School District of Philadelphia schools for long distance or overnight schoolsponsored trips.
EH-40EH-40Application for admission of child to school (EH-40) Parent/ Guardian must complete this form and provide all necessary documents.
EH-80-Parental-Permission-SlipEH-80-Parental-Permission-SlipSchools to inform parent of trip events
EH-81Class Trip Authorization
For schools to request class trip authorization
LCA formLCA formUse for contracts up to $20,000.00; you must generally send these contracts to the Limited Contracts Committee for approval.
LCA Standard Terms and ConditionsLCA Standard Terms and ConditionsFor use with the Limited Contract Form
Monthly Trip Locations 3.1.19Monthly Trip Locations 3.1.19For schools to ensure that trips are insured by the SDP for student Safety.
School Trip Guidelines SY2018-2019SY 2018-2019 School Trip GuidelinesOverview of all school trips – In-City, Out-of-City, Overnight, and
International – will now be managed by the Chief Schools Office. The Chief Schools Office is committed to
ensuring all school trips are educational and following approved guidelines. The safety of District students, staff,
and parents/chaperones is paramount.
S-313Request for extra-curricular, staff development, evening, or summer activities
To add a non-permanent position to the school
S-316Request for extra-curricular activity
To add the employee to the school's TPER for a non-permanent position
S-316 codingAdditional coding for S-316
S-313/316 coding instructionsCoding for S-313 and S-316
Position number and step information
S-19Daily Time Report
S-324Payroll adjustment to gross
To pay employees for work before or after their work day who are not assigned to the school
SEH-3Request for Absence (>3 days)Must be completed by the employee and his/her doctor then submitted to the EHS office after an absence of more than three (3) consecutive personal illness (sick) days.
SEH-86Request for Absence
For staff absences of three days or fewer
SEH-194Travel Authorization Request
For district employees to complete PRIOR to out of town travel
SEH-195Employee Expense Reimbursement
For district employees to request reimbursement of authorized expenses



Additional school-based forms will be posted here soon.