Jesse Berg

A headshot of Jesse Berg, a Technology Integration Specialist.

Jesse Berg, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist

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MS Instructional Technology
M.Ed. Foreign Language Instruction
BA Spanish

Certifications: K-12 Spanish; Google Educator Level 1; SMART Certified Trainer
Jesse Berg, MSIT, M.Ed. began his career in education began as a Spanish teacher, where he experienced the power of technology and visual thinking to help students take real ownership of their own learning.

Over time, Berg discovered a vast untapped potential of mind mapping, webbing and non-linear thinking strategies to help students think critically, develop ideas, and write. His mission is to make learning easier through visual thinking strategies that make complex tasks like reading, writing, note taking and critical thinking, easier to do. This journey is personal because the methods he developed, unlocked his own potential, and learning became much easier.

Berg left the classroom in 2007 to consult with schools and write his book, Visual Leap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Visual Learning for Teachers and Students(Lamprey and Lee, 2015.) In his book, Berg explains these strategies in detail so that teachers, students, and curious people anywhere can begin to use them and make them their own.

Jesse has been consulting with the School District of Philadelphia, with Ed Tech, Office of Specialized Services, Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs, and Career and Technical Education for ten years, and joined the District in 2016 as a member of the Educational Technology staff.