Paul Salvitti

Paul Salvitti, Information Systems Trainer

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Paul Salvitti began his career in Taiwan, teaching English to people of all ages and backgrounds, for three years. This was part of a time in his life when he was traveling extensively through Asia. When he returned to the United States, he bought a motorbike and started tutoring privately in living rooms and coffee shops around Philadelphia, finding his steadiest work in the warehouse of a train factory, tutoring the South Korean management staff. Eventually, Paul was hired to research Natural Language Processing at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he soon transitioned to a lecturing position that he occupied for five years before joining the Office of Educational Technology. He was still traveling to Beijing every summer to teach at a university there right up until he made his career switch to the District.

In Ed Tech, Paul is an information systems trainer, where the thing he enjoys most is interacting with his trainees and colleagues. He is interested in the dynamics of how adults learn, and don’t learn, the different modalities through which particular skills can be developed, and the importance of visual communication in software training. Paul thinks the most important part of being an instructor is forming an immediate positive rapport with in-person trainees, as well as maximizing simplicity and clarity in digital materials that are accessed outside of the training room, where he has less control of how the content is consumed.

Paul has a Master’s degree in the Science of Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, both earned at Temple University. Paul also has a Graduate Certificate in Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support, completed through Boise State University, as well as a certificate to teach English Language to adults issued by Cambridge. At home, he spends his time playing guitar, listening to podcasts, and eating with his many friends and Sicilian grandfather.