The Facilities Department handles the day-to-day operations of district schools, including custodial services, field and green space upkeep, and climate-control systems.

Facilities Management

Vacant – Executive Director of Facilities Management
Telephone: 215-400-4000

Jeff Scott – Director of Facilities
Telephone: 215-400-9320
Email: jpscott@philasd.org

Tejal Pandejee – Director of Finance
Telephone: 215-400-5358
Email: tpandejee@philasd.org

Schools by Facilities Area Coordinator (FAC):

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2600 BroadDerek Parker11
A. B. DayErica Hickey18
A. S. JenksAnthony Greene2
Academy @ PalumboJason Rindone3
AdaireTom Sharer8
AMY @ J. MartinBIll Savage9
AMY NW @ LeveringDurrelle Holmes12
AndersonEd Davis5
Anne FrankGus Lover19
ArthurJason Rindone3
Bache-MartinTom Sharer8
BaldiGus Lover19
BarryEd Davis5
BartonDave Foster14
BartramVernon Palmer1
Ben Franklin HSTom Sharer8
BethuneDerek Parker11
BlaineKwame Grove7
BlankenburgMarcel Allen6
BodineTom Sharer8
Boone (Camelot)Kwame Grove7
BregyAnthony Greene2
BridesburgDave Foster14
BryantEd Davis5
Building 21 @ KinseyErica Hickey18
C. W. HenryDurrelle Holmes12
CAPAJason Rindone3
CarnellJim Pizzo16
CassidyMarcel Allen6
CatherineVernon Palmer1
Catherine AnnexVernon Palmer1
CayugaKwame Grove7
Central HSGreg Gladden13
Childs @ BarrattJason Rindone3
Clemente / The LincKevin Maguire10
ComegysVernon Palmer1
ComlyJim Pizzo16
Constitution HSJason Rindone3
ConwellBIll Savage9
Cook-WissahickonDurrelle Holmes12
CrampKevin Maguire10
CrossanJim Pizzo16
DeBurgosKevin Maguire10
DecaturJim Pizzo16
DickKwame Grove7
DisstonSteve Manna15
DobbinsDerek Parker11
DobsonDurrelle Holmes12
DuckeryKwame Grove7
DunbarKwame Grove7
E.M. StantonJason Rindone3
E.W. Rhodes ESDerek Parker11
EdisonKevin Maguire10
ElkinBIll Savage9
EllwoodErica Hickey18
EmlenErica Hickey18
Engineering & Science HSKwame Grove7
Ethan AllenSteve Manna15
Ethel AllenDerek Parker11
F. S. EdmondsErica Hickey18
FarrellJim Pizzo16
FellAnthony Greene2
Fels HSJim Pizzo16
Feltonville A & SDave Foster14
Feltonville Head StartKeith Guess17
Feltonville IntermediateDave Foster14
FinletterKeith Guess17
FitlerGreg Gladden13
FitzpatrickGus Lover19
ForrestSteve Manna15
Fox ChaseJim Pizzo16
Frankford HSDave Foster14
Franklin ESKeith Guess17
Franklin Learning Ctr.Tom Sharer8
FurnessAnthony Greene2
GAMPAnthony Greene2
GideonKwame Grove7
GirardAnthony Greene2
Girls HSGreg Gladden13
GompersMarcel Allen6
GreenburgGus Lover19
GreenfieldRick Kovacs4
Grover WashingtonGreg Gladden13
H.A. BrownBIll Savage9
HackettBIll Savage9
HamiltonEd Davis5
Hancock / LabrumGus Lover19
HardingSteve Manna15
HarringtonEd Davis5
HartranftKevin Maguire10
Haverford CenterRick Kovacs4
HestonMarcel Allen6
Hill-Freedman @ LeedsErica Hickey18
HolmeSteve Manna15
HopkinsonDave Foster14
HoustonDurrelle Holmes12
HoweKeith Guess17
HunterKevin Maguire10
J. B. KellyGreg Gladden13
J. Cooke ESGreg Gladden13
J. H. BrownSteve Manna15
J. H. MooreJim Pizzo16
J. MarshallDave Foster14
J. RhoadsRick Kovacs4
J. S. JenksDurrelle Holmes12
JacksonJason Rindone3
Juniata ParkDave Foster14
KearnyTom Sharer8
KendertonDerek Parker11
Kensington BusinessBIll Savage9
Kensington CAPABIll Savage9
Kensington HealthBIll Savage9
KeyAnthony Greene2
King HSErica Hickey18
KirkbrideJason Rindone3
LambertonMarcel Allen6
Lankenau HSDurrelle Holmes12
LawtonSteve Manna15
LeaEd Davis5
Lincoln HSGus Lover19
LinglebachDurrelle Holmes12
LockeRick Kovacs4
LoescheGus Lover19
LoganGreg Gladden13
LongstrethVernon Palmer1
LowellKeith Guess17
LudlowTom Sharer8
Martha WashingtonRick Kovacs4
MastbaumBIll Savage9
MastermanTom Sharer8
MayfairSteve Manna15
McCallJason Rindone3
McCloskeyErica Hickey18
McClureDave Foster14
McDanielAnthony Greene2
McDaniel PrimaryVernon Palmer1
McKinleyKevin Maguire10
McMichaelRick Kovacs4
MeadeKwame Grove7
MeehanSteve Manna15
MeredithJason Rindone3
MifflinDurrelle Holmes12
MitchellVernon Palmer1
MoffetTom Sharer8
MorrisKwame Grove7
MorrissonKeith Guess17
MortonVernon Palmer1
Motivation HS @ TurnerEd Davis5
Munoz-MarinKevin Maguire10
MYA / Parkway WestRick Kovacs4
NebingerJason Rindone3
Northeast HSJim Pizzo16
OECMarcel Allen6
Olney ESKeith Guess17
Overbrook ESMarcel Allen6
Overbrook HSMarcel Allen6
Parkway CC @ StoddardTom Sharer8
Parkway NW@ J. E. HillErica Hickey18
Passyunk GarageVernon Palmer1
PattersonVernon Palmer1
Penn AlexanderEd Davis5
Penn TreatyBIll Savage9
PennellKeith Guess17
PennypackerErica Hickey18
Penrose ComplexVernon Palmer1
PLA North / C.E.P.Dave Foster14
PLA South / E. S. MillerRick Kovacs4
PMA @ ElversonKwame Grove7
PollockSteve Manna15
Potter-ThomasKevin Maguire10
PowelRick Kovacs4
Pratt Child CareDerek Parker11
Prince HallKeith Guess17
Propel AcademySteve Manna15
R. R. WrightDerek Parker11
Randolph Tech HSDerek Parker11
RhawnhurstJim Pizzo16
RichmondBIll Savage9
RiveraKevin Maguire10
RobesonRick Kovacs4
RooseveltErica Hickey18
RowenErica Hickey18
Roxborough HSDurrelle Holmes12
Rush AcademyGus Lover19
Saul HSDurrelle Holmes12
SayreEd Davis5
School of the FutureMarcel Allen6
ShallcrossGus Lover19
SharswoodAnthony Greene2
ShawmontDurrelle Holmes12
SheppardKevin Maguire10
SheridanDave Foster14
SLA @ BeeberMarcel Allen6
SLA HSTom Sharer8
SLAMSRick Kovacs4
Solis-CohenJim Pizzo16
South Philadelphia HSAnthony Greene2
SouthwarkAnthony Greene2
Spring GardenTom Sharer8
SpruanceGus Lover19
StearneDave Foster14
SteelGreg Gladden13
Strawberry Mansion HSDerek Parker11
SullivanSteve Manna15
Swenson Tech HSGus Lover19
T. M. PeirceDerek Parker11
T. MarshallKeith Guess17
TaggartAnthony Greene2
TaylorGreg Gladden13
The U School @ FergusonKwame Grove7
TildenVernon Palmer1
Trinidad Child CareDerek Parker11
Vare-WashingtonJason Rindone3
W. D. KelleyKwame Grove7
WagnerKeith Guess17
WaringTom Sharer8
Washington HSGus Lover19
WebsterDave Foster14
WelshKevin Maguire10
West Philadelphia HSEd Davis5
Widener MemorialGreg Gladden13
WillardBIll Savage9
Wilson MSJim Pizzo16
Workshop SchoolEd Davis5
ZieglerJim Pizzo16