Would you like to use our facilities?

The Facilities Usage Department organizes and schedules all requests for use of facilities submitted internally through the District, and also from outside groups and communities.

Requests are processed, scheduled, and any applicable payments processed. Staff requirements such as Building Engineers, housekeeping, etc. are identified and scheduled as needed.

The School District of Philadelphia is pleased to announce a partnership with Facilitron, as of August 19th 2021, for a new online facility request and rental system. With the new system, those requesting use of facilities will be able to make reservation requests, see real-time availability, get estimated price quotes, and pay online.

In partnership with Facilitron, the School District of Philadelphia has launched custom facility use sites for the District and each school – allowing facility use requests to be submitted at any time. You can view and request all District facilities at the link below.

Facilitron can be accessed HERE.