A contest-based citizen science and advocacy program that encourages students to engage in litter reduction.

In a joint effort between the School District of Philadelphia’s GreenFutures Program and Litterati! CleanFutures will be launching a litter action project from March 1st- April 30th. We will utilize the Litterati application to track the types of litter found on school grounds and then match schools with the resources to find innovative ways to reduce that litter.

Keeping our schools and streams clean is in your hands. Litter is an important issue because it has connections to many aspects of everyday life. It can cause pollution, can facilitate the spread of disease, and kill wildlife. Litter is also connected to Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). GSI are landscape features that capture rainwater, all the things it picks up along the way, and lets stormwater filter and absorb into the ground. Litter is left behind and clogs up these systems.

A litter action project that addresses litter problems in schools can help foster innovation, good citizenship and improve the environment in which students spend a majority of their time.

By signing up, students will get access to the Litterati app that will allow them to take and upload photographs of litter and store that data in the Litterati system. Litterati will create a geo-fence around your school grounds so that this data can be used to generate a litter report that is specific to your school.

All public schools (K-12), science classes, science clubs, sustainability clubs and/or any other applicable groups within the school can sign up and participate. Click link below to sign up!

This projects will run March. 1st – April 30th.