CLEANfutures is GreenFutures!

The School District’s GreenFutures Program and Streets Department are teaming up for a city-wide project to help make Philadelphia Litter free!

Join us in taking the first step – creating a LITTER INDEX- an accurate record (database) of city-wide litter. This data is intended to measure successful student action projects to make Philadelphia schoolyards Litter Free.

The Streets Department is recording litter on the street but needs help to collect data on school sites. That is where you come in. The School District needs all school students to play a role in this project’s first step by recording data about Litter on your school campus.

We created a form for recording the litter based on the one the Streets Department uses. A link to the form can be found in the Quick Links to the right. Fill out this form for 3 locations at your school by the end of the school year to help the city learn how to help you take data-driven action on litter!

Please find at least 3 locations to record – one form per location as follows:

    1. Entrance to school
    2. Dumpster
    3. At least one additional outdoor location, such as a recreation area, outdoor area, interior courtyard, green stormwater infrastructure, play structure, garden, etc.

**You are welcome to fill out additional forms for as many areas you notice have litter**

The Litter Indexing project will help inform actions at schools.

As we’re learning together, we would love to know about any actions you’re taking on litter and appreciate any feedback and ideas you have, including your experience using this form or how we can take data-driven action together!

Your school data will be compiled with other school data and shared.