Network Access Center

The Network Access Center (NAC) manages network access for staff, students, and guests while in the School District of Philadelphia buildings. The Network Access Center can be accessed by clicking the Network Access Center tile in the Employee Portal.

All District staff will be required to provision any district-owned or personal devices that need full network access. Steppers for this process can be found under Device Management.

The Network Access Center allows all District staff to:

  • Manage up to four (4) provisioned desktop/laptop computers (Mac/Windows) to access the District’s network
  • Sponsor guest accounts for 24 hours

Smart phones and tablets (iOS or Android) use the web access option with the Wifi Network “Philasd Wifi” OR “Philasd Wifi Guest”, whichever of the two your device discovers.

The Network Access Center allows Principals, Assistant Principals, and two RAD designees the ability to:

  • Create long-term guest accounts
  • Create “Event Accounts” designed to easily distribute accounts to guests for events such as an open house

This webpage will provide a number of steppers to explain the process of gaining network access on district-owned devices and personal devices being used to conduct school district business within the school district network in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy of Internet, Technology and Network Resources.

Questions? Contact the IT Help Desk at or by calling 215-400-5555.