Device Management

Each District staff member has the ability to register four (4) devices through their account. The Network Access Center supports:

  • District-issued laptops and desktops
  • Personal laptops and desktops

The Network Access Center does not support:

  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles
Resource NameResource TypeUsers
Wired Individual Apple DeviceStepperSDP Employees
Wired Shared Apple AssetStepperSDP Employees
Wireless Individual Apple DeviceStepperSDP Employees
Wireless Shared Apple AssetStepperSDP Employees
Resource NameResource TypeUsers
Wired Individual Window DeviceStepperSDP Employees
Wired Shared Window AssetStepperSDP Employees
Wireless Individual Window DeviceStepperSDP Employees
Wireless Shared Window AssetStepperSDP Employees

Chromebook Device Management

Resource NameResource TypeUsers
Wireless Individual Chromebook Device (coming soon)StepperSDP Employees
Resource NameResource TypeUsers
Manage Provisioned DevicesStepperSDP Employees

I need help with gaining access to an application, what can I do?

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Need Further Assistance?

If additional assistance is needed, contact the I.T. Help Desk by one of the methods listed below.

Real Time Support

Call 215-400-5555 to speak with a representative

Open an Incident

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Help via Email

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