Posted on March 28, 2023
Categories: Facilities & Maintenance

Unfortunately, on March 8th, a bullet from a shooting in the neighborhood pierced the main office window at Heston Elementary School. Facility Area Manager Ed Davis responded along with Maintenance Glaziers John Petrucci and Foreman Chris Bartella to assess the situation and repair the window.

In a separate incident, on March 14th, bullets from gunshots in the community pierced the windows in two classrooms at Willard School. Senior Regional Manager Kwame Grove and Director Jeff Scott responded to provide support. Maintenance Glaziers (Ronaldo Gonzalez, Kevin Quigley, Tim Creighton, and Don Eife) were onsite to repair the windows.

Students, families, and staff face a tough road ahead in coping with the aftermath of the shooting. In addition to the students and families affected by these incidents, we also support the men and women who were first responders at the crime scenes. Coping with recurring tragedies can significantly impact one’s mental and emotional well-being. For more immediate support resources, students, families, and first responders can contact the Philly Hope Line at 1-833-PHL-HOPE (1-833-745-4673).