Amending Your Study

If you have a previously approved study that, due to unforeseen circumstances, needs to be be changed, you may submit an amendment to the Research Review Committee (RRC) for review. Amendments have no cost associated with them, and are reviewed during monthly cycles, so please assure they are submitted by specific deadlines for a timely response.

Amendment Considerations

Amendments will be considered for minor changes to original proposals, such as the addition or deletion of a sample school or site, the altering of a tool or instrument, or the modification of some data collection procedures. Amendments will be denied for large procedural or structural changes to your original proposal; you will be asked to submit a new proposal.

The RRC accepts amendments on proposals that are up to three years old. This is to assure that proposals align with the changing academic and procedural environment surrounding educational research. If your proposal requires changes and is more than three years old, you will need to submit a new proposal.

Procedure for Submitting an Amendment

  1. Assure that your proposal is no more than three years old and that any proposed changes to your project are minor (see above).
  2. Use the Proposal Amendment Form and fill out to the best of your ability.
  3. Submit your Proposal Amendment Form (please include your study’s proposal number) and any other relevant materials to