Senior Research Associates

Each Senior Research Associate leads research and evaluation projects aligned with District priorities.

Erin Cassar, Ph.D. – Health and Nutrition –
Melissa Karakus, Ph.D. – Climate –
Adrienne Reitano, M.S.S.P. – Anchor Goal 3 –
Kristyn Stewart, M.S. – Anchor Goal 2 –
Theodore Wills, Ph.D. – Anchor Goal 1 –

Policy Research Analyst

Ebru Erdem-Akçay, Ph.D. –

Senior Statistician



Molly Schlesinger, Ph.D. –

Research Specialists

Kelly Linker, M.S. –
Elisabeth Fornaro, Ph.D. –

Strategic Analytics Associates

Katie Carter, M.F.A., M.S.Ed. –
Katie Mosher, M.A. –
Mark Lewis, Ph.D. –
Ji Won Paek Temple, M.A. –

Data Analysts

Peter Hawes, M.P.P. –
Kathryn Kirkman, M.S.W. –
Giselle Saleet, M.S.Ed. –

Part-Time Staff

In addition to full-time staff, our office employs a variety of part-time staff, usually students, in partnership with local organizations and universities.
Please contact us with any questions.