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How do I contact the Office of Research and Evaluation?

You can contact us at 215-400-4260. You can find more information on our Contact page.

How do I learn more about the Office of Research and Evaluation?

Please visit our Projects page and our Reports page to learn more about our office’s work and products.

I want to read reports produced by the Office of Research and Evaluation. Where do I find them?

Please visit our Reports page to learn more. Reports are organized by year and type. Please contact us with questions.

I am interested in working in the Office of Research and Evaluation. What positions are available?

Throughout the year, we may have various positions available in support of a variety of our projects and initiatives. Please visit the Central Office Jobs Postings to see if we are hiring.

Does the Office of Research and Evaluation hire part-time staff?

Yes, though our part-time staff are typically limited to students from local universities. To inquire about part-time positions, please contact


For information about the Research Review Process, please see our Research Review Committee main page and Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Review Process.

I want to learn more about the annual District-Wide Survey. Where do I go?

Please visit our District-Wide Survey page  for the most updated information. You may also contact the Survey Team at or by calling 215-400-6565.

When is the District-Wide Survey?

Our District-Wide Surveys are released in the spring of each school year and typically remain open from April to June.

Who participates in the District-Wide Survey?

The District-wide Survey collects responses from District students, teachers, principals, and parents/guardians.

Where can I find my school’s Survey results?

If your school meets the minimum number of responses required for publication [see our Survey FAQ page] you will be able to see your school’s data via our online, interactive data tool.

I need help interpreting my school’s Survey results.

Please contact the Survey Team at or at 215-400-6565.

Still Have Questions? Please contact us.

Last modified: September 4, 2018