Mission Statement

The Office of Strategic Partnerships collaborates with schools, District offices, and partner organizations to help foster trusting and purposeful relationships that contribute to school communities where students thrive. We do this by:

1) assisting schools in identifying key need areas where partners can provide support,

2) proactively develop partner capacity to meet school needs

3) connecting external partners with schools to equitably invest programs and small donations,

4) providing partners and schools with tools to establish and maintain healthy partner relationships that align with school priorities and District Goals and Guardrails,

5) supporting partners and schools in navigating District policies to ensure partner compliance and increased engagement,

6) fostering an antiracist culture among partner organizations to break down issues of systemic racism that contribute to social and educational inequities, and

7) serving as a liaison between partners, schools and departments within the District’s Central Office.

Core Values

Equity  •  Collaboration  •  Responsiveness  •  Effectiveness  •  Engagement