The Office of Strategic Partnerships collaborates with schools, District offices, and partner organizations to help foster trusting and purposeful relationships that contribute to school communities where students thrive.

Key Functions:

  • Collect data from school leaders annually on schools’ needs for partnerships to drive:
    • Alignment of existing partnerships to school needs and District priorities
    • Matching of partners with schools to address inequities in resource distribution
    • Development of new partnerships
  • Clarify and update District processes to make it easier for partner programs and schools to establish sustainable partnerships.
  • Deliver professional development to school-based staff focused on partnership coordination.
  • Promote the District’s commitment to equity and anti-racism by providing guidance and resources to partner organizations.
  • Facilitate connections between District offices and partner organizations to strengthen relationships and align partner programs to the District’s content area goals (e.g. Arts,  STEM).


Equity  •  Collaboration  •  Responsiveness  •  Effectiveness  •  Engagement