Below you will find information that will help you determine if you meet the partner eligibility criteria and if so, help you plan for establishing a partnership with one or more District schools.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Partners are:

  • Formal entities (non-profit organizations, private corporations, government agencies, etc.)
  • Fully funded
  • At no cost to the School District of Philadelphia or its schools
  • Providing high-quality and ready-to-implement programs/services on a recurring basis
  • Providing programs/services that are school-based

Partners are not:

  • Individual volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at a school, please review the Office of Family and Community Engagement‘s volunteer process)
  • Organizations who charge the District or schools for their programs/services
  • Organizations seeking funding for their programs/services
  • Organizations providing infrequent services or one-time, pop-up events
  • Researchers not associated with School Partner programs or services.  If you are interested in research opportunities, please visit the Office of Research and Evaluation’s site.

View our Onboarding Guide for Policies and Procedures:

If your program matches our definition of what it means to be a partner and you are interested in establishing a new partnership with one or more District schools, you will find information on this page that will help you begin to plan out your next steps.  The Onboarding Guide, which contains information about relevant policies and procedures, is a great place to start.

Identifying Schools for a School-Based Partnership:

Follow the steps below if you are interested in receiving our help to identify potential District schools to be matched with:

    1. Review the definition of Partner under Partner Criteria to ensure you meet the criteria.
    2. Complete the School Match Form to tell us more about your program and capacity to expand.
    3. An OSP staff member will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

Our office is willing and able to help you identify potential partner schools and help you connect with those schools. This process may include sharing your program materials with other program offices who are responsible for reviewing curriculum for specific subject areas (e.g. STEAM, arts, literacy, etc.).

Becoming an Approved School Partner:

Once you have received approval from a school principal to proceed with a school-based, ongoing partnership, there are several processes that must be completed to ensure that your program is compliant with the School District of Philadelphia’s policies.

All partner programs operating in School District of Philadelphia (“the District”) schools must have a fully-executed legal agreement in place with the District covering their work in schools. Recurring, school-based partner programs can efficiently satisfy that requirement by completing the School Partner Agreement (SPA) process which includes the submission of insurance and clearances.