Welcome new and returning partnership coordinators! Thank you for all you do to bring partner programming and resources to students at your school.

This is a centralized space for partnership coordination tools and resources.

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Partnerships Coordination Handbook

We are so glad to have you as a partnerships coordinator in the School District of Philadelphia! This handbook is intended to be a live resource you can continue to return to in your partnerships work.

This handbook is for anyone coordinating partnerships at their school, whether in a designated role or not. There are three positions who are particularly focused on this work and whom we had in mind while developing this resource:

    1. SDP Assistant Program Coordinators and Program Coordinators with a Partnerships Specialty,
    2. PHENND AmeriCorps VISTA Community Partnerships Coordinators, and
    3. Community School Coordinators. However if you are a teacher or counselor managing a relationship with an external partner organization, you may find this information helpful as well.

The Toolbox is a repository of resources, frameworks, and tools for school-based partnerships coordinators.

Our goal is for the Toolbox to be useful to any school-based partnerships coordinator, regardless of their network affiliation (e.g. the District (APCs), PHENND (VISTAs), Community Schools (CS Coordinators), etc.).

The Toolbox includes modules that cover common areas of work for partnership coordinators and include guidance and conversation guides.

Partner Onboarding

All partners working regularly with students in District buildings are required to have a legal agreement, insurance, and clearances that are current and correct on file with the District.

You can direct new partners to our Onboarding Guide, where we have detailed instructions on how partner organizations should submit their insurance and clearances, as well as guidance on the options for legal agreements.

We highly recommend that partners complete the School Partner Agreement, as this can be completed in a few days time; meanwhile, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) can take months to complete.

You should not have to manage this process but can just direct partners to email our office at, and we will help them get all their compliance documents in order.

You can track your partners’ compliance status on our live Compliance Tracker.

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