Technology Services

The Office of Technology Services provides technical services in both the design, construction and maintenance of Philadelphia’s Schools and administration offices enabling an effective infrastructure with best practices in mind.

Services we provide include:


The Office of Telecommunications facilitates planning and implementation of new and upgraded voice, fax and data communications. This includes wired and wireless.

Network Services

The Office of Networking provides services connectivity issues including IP address schemes, system integration and network electronics (switches, router, file servers, etc..).

Technical Operations

The Office of Technical Operations coordinates installations of video and data. Not excluding the review and installation of certified software.

I.T. Security

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PSTV is the Education channel for The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) open to ALL enrolled students (including public, charter, private and parochial schools).


(Formerly Google Apps for Education)

G-mail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and more.


We provide the wireless network for students, staff, faculty and guest to access the District’s network and the Internet.