New Employee

  1. Where can I submit a Location Request? Please visit New Employee Information page
  2. Where can I get my Long Distance Code for my desk phone? Please call 215-400-4450
  3. Need Voicemail Password for my desk phone. Please call 215-400-4450
  4. I received a Suspicious Email, who should I contact? Please forward the email to abuse@philasd.org. Remember, we will never ask for personal information, passwords, etc by email

For more information please visit New Employee Information page

Technical Operations

How do I change my Login Password?

  • From the SDP home page, click on Log In
  • Click the Account tab at the top of the page
  • It should take you to the Change Your Password page, if not, click Change Password in the left hand column
  • Follow the instruction there to change your password


  • For any questions regarding the Telephone and Public Address System Issues , please click here.
  • For any issues related to your AIR-PHONE, please call The Office of School Safety at 215-400-4710

Network Services