All kids deserve access to breakfast!

At the School District of Philadelphia, school breakfast is a part of a broader effort to address student health and wellness.

Breakfast Goal

Our goal is to serve 70% of students in attendance breakfast each day.

2019 Pennsylvania School Breakfast Heroes!

Congratulations to Nakia Davenport and Denise Allavena for being recognized as Pennsylvania School Breakfast Heroes! Nakia and Denise, we appreciate your hard work in ensuring that our kids get the healthy breakfast they need to succeed. Keep up the great work!

2019 Mad for Breakfast Champions!

Let’s congratulate our champions, Clara Barton, Heston and Fox Chase for having the largest breakfast participation within their brackets!


Thanks for celebrating National School Breakfast Week with us!

Did you know…

Eating school breakfast is associated with higher attendance, punctuality, and academic performance.

We can’t educate kids if they’re hungry. Eating breakfast increases cognition.

Breakfast-in-the-Classroom is the best way to increase breakfast participation.