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Registration required by all entities and organizations contracting with the District: On or after July 1, 2020 a profile must be created in the District’s Oracle Supplier Portal. For more information, click here.

District Contract Administrators should:

  1. Follow the Steppers related to contract creation for Contract Administrators which are available here.
  2. Reach out to their assigned attorney before starting the contracts in the ERP.

You can download from the links below many of the forms we regularly use in the School District’s contracting processes. If you have questions about these processes or are unable to access a document via a link or have a problem with a contractor performing services on an existing contract, please call the Office of General Counsel at (215) 400-4120.

For contract forms please go here.

Real Property Matters

The Office of Real Property Management manages the acquisition, disposition and leasing of facilities for the School District of Philadelphia. The Office of General Counsel assists the Office of Real Property Management in negotiating and preparing the required legal documents for the acquisition, disposition and leasing of facilities. Questions regarding Real Property matters should be directed to the following:

* Leases and License Agreements related to non-charter schools – Laurie Reilly, Esq. (215) 400-6352

* Leases and License Agreement related to charter schools – Elizabeth Gutman, Esq. (215) 400-5154

Limited Contracts (Up to $20,000)

For contracts in which the School District spends up to $20,000.00, generally you will not need to prepare an Board of Education Action Item to approve the contact (except if you must ratify a contract, that is, ask the Board of Education to approve it after work begins). The Limited Contract Review Committee has the job of approving proposed contracts expending up to $20,000.00 (the Committee has no authority from the Board of Education to ratify a contract, however). The Committee reviews Limited Contracts weekly. In order to have a proposed limited contract approved, you must have OGC’s permission to submit the contract into the Oracle workflow. You must submit a completed OGC-2 form, an insurance certificate an insurance certificate (ACORD form) and all required background checks, as well as any approvals required to spend grant funds.

Agreement for Services (Over $20,000)

In order to prepare a contract over $20,000.00, you must first prepare an Action Item for Board of Education consideration. After you enter the Action Item for Board of Education approval, you should immediately reach out to the Office of General Counsel to prepare the Agreement for Services (or if applicable, a Standard Amendment Agreement) which includes the Agreement for Services, the action item, the Statement (the description) of the Work, the Budget, and any other required documents.

Grant-Funded Contracts and Subaward Agreements

Grant-funded contracts and subawards must comply with the applicable grant requirements and state and federal regulations, in addition to the School District’s Board authorization and procurement policies. Please refer to the Office of Grant Compliance and Fiscal Services Policies and Procedures for more information about grant-funded contracts, including GP0600: Subgrantee Identification and Monitoring and GP1700: Contracted Services for Grant Funded Programs.

Memorandum of Understanding

In order to accept outside programs or services at no cost to a school or the School District, please complete a Memorandum of Understanding. While the Office of General Counsel recommends that clients obtain Action Items approved by the Board of Education whenever feasible, and we may direct you to do so in a specific case. We customarily do not require separate Action Items to accept programs and services at no cost to the School District that are valued up to $100,000.00. See Policy 702. A Memorandum of Understanding has three (3) parts: (a) the Memorandum of Understanding, (b) a Statement of Work attached as Exhibit “A” that describes the Provider’s Work, program or services, and (c) the Memorandum of Understanding Standard Terms and Conditions attached as Exhibit “B”.

Please call or e-mail us whenever you have a question, comment or concern regarding these forms.

Student Funds Contracts
Addendum for Student Funds Contracts

Use this form to contract for things like proms, class trips or events, yearbooks, class rings or photography – expenditures, that is, from the school’s student funds account(s). In order to contract to spend such funds, take the form of agreement provided by the vendor, verify that the terms of the deal (price, date, description of the work or services) are acceptable to you, complete the “Addendum to vendor forms – School Student Funds Contracts” available on the Forms page, staple it to the vendor’s form of agreement, have the vendor sign both, and have the principal of the school sign both. The Office of General Counsel will be glad to review such contracts, but if you attach the Addendum it is not required. To spend student funds, please refer to Policy 618. You do not need a Board of Education resolution (24 P.S. Sec. 5-511(d)).

For proms and other events, please read the vendor’s agreement carefully. These agreements typically provide for the forfeiture of the fee to the vendor if the school cancels the event before its scheduled date. Schools need to be aware of these clauses and plan accordingly.

Note: the School District pays for graduations with school funds, not student funds. Please contact the Office of General Counsel ( for assistance with graduation contracts.