Visitor Management System

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Visitor Management System (VMS)?

The VMS system is a tool designed to automate the issuance of visitor passes. It allows schools to record visitor entries while maintaining a history of visitors who have checked in and checked out. Visitors will register at the VMS using valid state issued photo identification: driver’s license or DMV identification card. Visitors will have their photograph taken by the VMS camera. The photo will be automatically stored internally and used to print badges on future visits. Visitors without the necessary license/ID will require office staff to register them in the VMS system manually.

What is the District Policy for visitors?

Board of Education Policy #907 is the official School District policy for school visitors. All schools currently have visitor processes in place in accordance with the District’s administrative procedures for school visitors. Once your VMS equipment has been installed, administrative guidance and best practices will be provided, including the use of the kiosk.

Who is the vendor for the Visitor Management System?

ScholarChip LLC, is the vendor that will provide the Visitor Management System and is the same company that already provides our student attendance kiosks and student ID card equipment for our high schools and stand-alone middle schools.

What is the time frame for the implementation of the Visitor Management System in schools?

All District schools will be utilizing the Visitor Management System in the 2022-2023 school year.

What is needed at the school for installation of the Visitor Management System?

An electrical outlet and an internet connection is required. In cooperation with each school Principal, staff from the Offices of Information Technology and Facilities/Operations conducted site surveys to assess the best location for the VMS kiosk and completed any necessary electrical and/or data connections that were required. The School District will be providing the VMS Kiosk equipment as well as the initial label supplies for implementation.

Who is considered a visitor?

A parent/guardian, adult resident, educator, official or other individual who is not a school employee or independent contractor, and who visits a school or attends or participates in an event or activity at a school (per Board Policy 916).

Who can a school contact for more information?

Please enter an incident ticket into the I.T. Help Desk via the Employee Portal application, or email and someone will contact you with more details.

Where can I find training information regarding the Visitor Management System?

Training steppers and instructional videos can be found on the I.T. Help Desk website .

Who should be responsible for registering, checking in and/or checking out visitors?

The principal will need to identify the person(s) in their building that they wish to manage the Visitor Management process. There is no system user account necessary to perform the  register, check in or check out processes.  Only resources who have the need to pull reports from the ScholarChip system will require a system login account.

What do I do if a visitor does not have a State issued ID?

If the person is visiting for the first time, school based resources will need to register the visitor into the Visitor Management System manually, utilizing alternate documentation provided by the visitor. If the person is a returning visitor, school based resources can search for them by name and once found can continue with the visitor check in process.

Are there situations that do not require the use of the Visitor Management System?

Visitors do not need to use the VMS while attending any special events during the school day in a designated location such as the auditorium for a school play, concerts, or special lunches. Visitors do not need to use the VMS while attending any special events after normal school hours. Principals have the option to require the use of the VMS for any visitors or events.

What do I do if the battery dies?

Plug the machine back into the electrical outlet and the system should re-start and work properly. The Visitor Management Kiosk has a battery back up. The battery life is 20-25 minutes. If you have the battery on but don’t recharge it right away, it will have a negative impact on the battery and will not last as long in the future.

It is recommended to keep the machine plugged in, if the power goes out, only use it as needed.  For any extended break such as Thanksgiving or winter break, shut down the computer, press the silver button on the back of the battery and leave it plugged in.

How do I order more Visitor labels?

The Visitor Management system utilizes thermal adhesive paper rolls to print out the visitor passes. Each roll contains 330 labels and a case contains 10 rolls. For SY2022-2023 pricing is $75.00 for a case. Shipping costs are included in the price.

The supply order form can be found on the District’s Office of Procurement’s webpage. Email the completed form to: and copy Anne Malkowski ( Payment must be made directly to ScholarChip once the supply order has been received.

The Visitor Manager Kiosk is not working properly, who do I contact?

If the equipment is not working properly, you can call the ScholarChip Support Help Desk at 1-877-722-2447, or e-mail them at

For any other issues, you may enter an incident ticket into the I.T. Help Desk via the Employee Portal application, email or call at 215-400-5555 and someone will contact you with more details.

Need Further Assistance?

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