Visitor Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Visitor Management system (“VM”)?

The visitor management system is a stand-alone kiosk that allows all visitors and parents/guardians coming into the school to register their visit and to receive a badge to wear while he/she is in the school. The VM system will maintain a history of anyone who has checked-in and checked-out of a school, and will allow a visitor’s drivers license to be verified in real-time against a national sex offender database.

What is the District Policy for visitors?

Board of Education Policy #907 is the official School District policy for school visitors. All schools currently have visitor processes in place in accordance with the District’s administrative procedures for school visitors. Once your VM equipment has been installed, administrative guidance and best practices will be provided that will include the use of the stand-alone kiosk.

Who is the vendor for the Visitor Management system?

ScholarChip Card, LLC, is the vendor that will provide the VM system and is the same company that already provides our student attendance kiosks and student ID card equipment for our high schools and stand-alone middle schools.

What is the time frame for implementation of the Visitor Management system in schools?

A pilot program is currently underway in three schools – Creative & Performing Arts HS, AMY Northwest MS, and Meredith ES. The full implementation in all District schools is scheduled to occur during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.

What is needed at the school for installation of the VM system?

An electrical outlet and an Internet connection is required. In cooperation with each school Principal, staff from the Offices of Information Technology and Facilities/Operations will be conducting site surveys to assess the best location for the VM kiosk and to determine what electrical or data connections may be required. The School District will be providing the VM stand-alone kiosk equipment as well as the initial supplies for the first year of implementation (i.e. labels for visitor badges).

Who can a school contact for more information?

Please send an email to and someone will contact you with more details.