“Mission: To provide the necessary education and resources to the over-age, under-credited population and to prepare them for a productive life after graduation.”


  • Accelerated Program

    Program Type

  • 9th-12th

    Grades Served

  • Teacher-Based Learning

    Instructional Model

Academic Highlights

Weekly Stars
Each week, teachers at OIC Career and Academic Development Institute award stars, or points, to students who demonstrate exceptional academic and behavioral progress. Student receive incentives, or rewards, for achieving stars each week.

Parent Advisory Council
With a strong focus on parent engagement, OIC Career and Academic Development Institute launched the Parent Advisory Council to partner with parents to promote student success. The Parent Advisory Council meets throughout the year and discusses ways to support students, as well as provides feedback to OIC CADI on a regular basis. For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Thomas, the program principal.

Extra Curricular Activities

OIC Career and Academic Development Institute offers a Student Advisory Council and numerous college and career workshops and events.