“At SESI, our mission is to provide educational services for K-12 students who require specialized educational and behavioral supports to overcome challenges that impede their success in a traditional school setting. We believe that all children deserve an education that goes beyond academics and enables them to grow into responsible, self-sufficient adults.”


  • Accelerated Program

    Program Type

  • 9th-12th

    Grades Served

  • Teacher-Based Learning

    Instructional Model

Program Highlights

Student Leadership Tracks
Students can earn incentives for positive performance which results in leadership ranks. Each student on the leadership track begins at “Pledge” rank and can work up to “Executive” rank, which comes with a number of privileges including dress down days, school trips and events, and influence in certain program decisions.

ELECT Workshops for Pregnant & Parenting Students
Excel Academy North has a strong partnership with the ELECT program to support students who may be pregnant and/or parenting. Students receive support on caring for their child, financial planning, relationships, and mental health.

Volunteer & Community 
Students have the opportunity to volunteer with local organizations and participate in school-wide community service projects including Food Drive in collaboration with local churches, annual Pretzel sales, and local park clean-ups.

Parent Engagement
Excel Academy North has a strong focus on involving families in the Excel community and has various family engagement activities throughout the year. Events include the Back to School BBQ Night, Annual Field Day, and Parent Luncheons. In addition to events and activities, Excel Academy North also has a Parental Advisory Board that meets regularly throughout the year. For more information, contact the program principal, Mr. Muller..

Extra Curricular Activities

Excel Academy North offers Student Government, Basketball, Cheerleading, Tennis, Yearbook Committee, Financial Literacy Workshops, Teen Elect (Workshops).