Our mission is to ensure that School District of Philadelphia payroll functions are completed in an accurate, efficient and friendly manner.

Our support includes provisions so that every School District of Philadelphia employee receives a correct paycheck each pay period, understands what he or she is being paid and what the appropriate deductions should be.

Payroll Staff

Eileen Pelzer – Director

Tammy Gravlsande – Payroll Operations Manager

Kimmie Scarborough – Customer Service Representative

Huong Su – Customer Service Representative

Carol Chamberlain – Payroll Processor

Tesia Nicholson – Payroll Processor

Kimberly Penn -Payroll Processor

Tamika Richardson – Payroll Processor

Sharifa Shivers – Payroll Processor

Deborah Ruffin – Payroll Specialist

Kia Wheeler – Payroll Specialist

Caren Franklin- Payroll Technical Supervisor

Asia Johnson – Payroll Technical Supervisor

Kamia Ravenell – Quality Assurance Specialist