How do I stop the Family court or student loan deduction from my paycheck?

The School District of Philadelphia only withholds court ordered garnishments. We do not withhold unless presented with a court order. A garnishment will be stopped only at the direction of the garnishing agency.

Why did my WAGE CON deduction change?

Your WAGE CON plan is established in September, based on the number of available personal illness days, . The premium is deducted from paychecks in which you receive base pay. You may contact the Benefits Office at 215-400-4630 to discuss your rate.


How do I start direct deposit?

You must complete and submit the School District’s “Authorization for Direct Deposit” form. It must be accompanied by a voided check or pre-printed deposit slip that verifies the bank routing and account number. Direct deposit will begin on the second check date after the Authorization Agreement For Direct Deposit is received in the Payroll office.

May I split my direct deposit among two or more banks?

No; the School District will deposit net pay to a single financial institution. You may have a separate savings deduction for a specific dollar amount to Freedom Credit Union and have the remaining net pay deposited into an account at the financial institution of your choice.

How can I change my direct deposit bank account?

You must submit an “Authorization for Direct Deposit” form, indicating a change. It must be accompanied by a voided check or preprinted deposit slip that verifies the bank routing and account number. The change process causes direct deposit to stop completely for a pay period. The paycheck issued on this pay period will be mailed to your home address.


I went to a staff development but didn’t get paid for it. What should I do?

The administrative office that sponsored the session is responsible for submitting the payment request. Processing the request may take up to six weeks. If more than six weeks have passed, contact the sponsoring office to notify them that you have not been paid

Someone submitted an S324, but I have not been paid yet; what should I do?

It takes approximately 6 weeks for payment submitted on an S324 to appear in your paycheck. If more than 6 weeks have passed, please have the office that submitted the S324 track it’s progress.

Why does my reserve accrual or reserve payout change?

The reserve system is how your ten month salary is spread over twelve months. If your earnings increase, your reserve amount will adjust to spread the higher earnings over the remaining months. If your earnings decrease, due to unpaid or less than full pay absence, your reserve will adjust to spread the pay loss over the remaining months. For a more detailed explanation of reserve calculations, please click here: Reserve and Smoothing

When I resign/retire, what happens to the reserve money which has been taken from my paychecks for the year?

The reserve money is issued to you in a lump sum as soon as is practical after you end your employment. If you leave the School District of Philadelphia at the end of the school year, the reserve money can be issued in the first payroll which occurs after June 30. If you leave prior to the end of the school year and it is determined that you have overused your leave time for the year, the over payment amount will be deducted from the reserve money issued to you.

How do I get paid when my salary is changed retroactively?

When Human Resources makes a retroactive change to an employee’s status which results in a salary change, they send a request to Payroll, asking us to issue payment for the difference between what the employee was actually paid and what they should have been paid. This payment is usually made in six to ten weeks from the time Payroll receives the request.

Whom do I ask about a reimbursement?

Reimbursements are administered by the Accounts Payable office. Contact Accounts Payable at 215 400-4530.


What is the FICA max this year?


May I have New Jersey State wage tax deducted from my paycheck?

The School District of Philadelphia only withholds Pennsylvania State wage tax. New Jersey residents are not subject to Pennsylvania wage tax, therefore no state wage tax is withheld.

How do I change my Federal Tax withholding?

You must complete and submit a W4 Form. The form may be mailed to Payroll’s address or faxed to 215 400-4491.


Do I have to tax shelter my termination pay?

Employees who terminate service and reach age 55 in the year of termination are required to tax shelter their termination pay. Those payments, also, are subject to the legal limits for that year, although those limits are higher than those for employees who do not retire or are not 55 years of age.

Can I contribute some of my termination pay to a tax sheltered account?

Yes; you may contribute your termination pay to your tax shelter account, up to the legal limits for that year. Please see the termination payment page for more specific information.

How long after I resign/retire will I receive pay for unused leave time (termination pay)?

Termination pay is usually issued in 16 to 48 weeks from the effective date of termination. The time frame depends on the time of year and the work load at that time.



How do I change my address?

Submit the Employee Change of Residential Address form to the Payroll Office via mail or fax 215 400-4491.

I was absent but charged for the wrong type of leave; how do I correct this?

The request for an absence code adjustment must come from your administrator who must submit a written request to the Payroll Department.

Whom do I contact about my Retirement deduction or PSERS account?

The School District Retirement office can be reached by calling 215 400-4680. The Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) may be reached at 888 773-7748.

How do I start, stop or change a Life Insurance deduction?

Contact the Benefits office at 215 400-4630.

Who do I contact about a 403b or 457b Tax Sheltered Annuity?

The Office of Employee Benefits at 215 400-4630.

Whom do I contact about my Flexible Spending account?

Contact the Benefits Office at 215 400-4630.

Whom do I contact with questions about my Wage Continuation deduction?

Contact the Benefits Office at 215 400-4630.