Each year, the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) and its partner organizations offer a variety of summer programs to ensure that students, especially those most vulnerable to experiencing summer learning loss, have the opportunity to continue learning during the summer months.

This report provides a summary of the summer programs, including information about enrollment and attendance, and findings from surveys and observations. The successes and challenges of program implementation can provide insights and guide implementation for Summer 2023.

Key findings include:

  • During Summer 2022, over 13,000 students were enrolled in summer programming, over 10,000 students attended a program for at least one day, and over 5,000 students attended at least one summer program for 75% or more of days.
  • Staff were generally pleased with Professional Development (PD), curriculum, and materials, but those who were not requested that PD align with their teaching assignment, and curriculum and materials align with students’ learning needs, not just student grade levels.
  • To decrease barriers to attendance, staff recommended yellow school bus transportation be provided to English Learners and elementary school students in addition to students with an IEP.
  • The majority of staff were pleased with their coworkers, pay policies, and program sites, but those who were not wanted more transparency and consideration for conditions that can contribute to unproductive school and work environments.
  • Students generally enjoyed their summer program, felt their summer program prepared them for school in the fall, and reported their teachers were supportive, but described concerns about transportation, food services, facility issues, and instructional practices.