Educational Options Program (EOP) Exit Survey

About the Program

The Educational Options Program (EOP), formerly known as Twilight School, offers a second chance to adult students who have dropped out and/or were unsuccessful in a traditional full-day high school setting. EOP is the only free, accredited high school diploma-granting option for adults in Philadelphia who have “aged out” of the system.

About the Survey

ORE has administered a customized senior exit survey for students in alternative schools, including the Educational Options Program, since 2016. In 2018-19, ORE received responses from 206 students at three EOP sites. Respondents ranged in age from 17-72, with a median age of 22. Responses indicated that:

  • About 72% of respondents intended to pursue postsecondary education after high school, and about 19% planned to work.
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents who intended to pursue postsecondary education within a year planned to attend a Pennsylvania community college.
  • The majority of students who planned to work after high school intended to work in personal services.
  • Almost half of EOP 12th graders strongly agreed that adults at their school gave them a lot of help in applying for college, and more than a third strongly agreed that adults at their school gave them a lot of help considering alternatives to college.
  • Students reported that they would have liked to receive additional practical support in career and financial planning.

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