Evaluation of Playworks TeamUp Model

About the Initiative

Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that provides coaching and professional development to teach, model, and empower a sustainable elementary school recess programs. District schools may purchase one of three Playworks programs to support recess activities:

  1. Playworks Coach, which provides a full-time coach to facilitate organized play during recess and class time,
  2. Playworks Pro, which provides professional development to school staff, and
  3. Playworks TeamUp, which is intended to be a sustainable middle ground between the Coach and Pro models.

The TeamUp model provides schools with an on-site recess consultant one week (40 hours) per month. The consultant models and demonstrates best practices and provides ongoing training and consultation for the recess team.

About the Evaluation

ORE conducted two single-year evaluations of the Playworks TeamUp model, examining the implementation and outcomes in participating schools.

Key Findings

  • School staff generally gave positive feedback about the Playworks program.
  • Staff at many schools reported that a lack of consistency was a major implementation challenge.
  • School staff said they would prefer a full-time staff member to implement and manage the TeamUp model.

For More Information

Contact the Office of Research and Evaluation: research@philasd.org.