Posted on March 3, 2022
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Support Services Team Highlight: Serious Incident Control Unit

Please meet our Serious Incident Control Unit! Our Officers talk to these men and women daily, however rarely get to meet them. The unit is comprised of an Statistical Analyst and 3 Incident Recorders. They are responsible for accurate reporting of incidents for the entire school district. All have backgrounds which include 20 plus years in law enforcement, volunteer work or youth service.

Meet Robin Hammitt, Incident Recorder (Far Left)

Has been with the Unit since 2009. PPD for over 28 years. Council Rock School District 1999-2009 as School Security. Loyal dedicated team player with over 50 years of service.

Someone he would like to meet: Family members no longer with us

Meet Karen Hunter, Incident Recorder (Center Left)

Has been with the Unit since 2015. PPD for over 21 years. Per diem Classroom Assistant. Volunteer work for abused and battered women. She is a good listener, has great people skills, has good work ethic, and likes working with people.

Someone she would like to meet: Barack Obama

Meet Robert Killman, Incident Recorder (Center Right)

Has been with the District since 2012. He was a School Safety Officer until 2018. He joined the Serious Incident Control Unit in 2018. PPD for 35 years, 15  years as a Detective. Volunteer Coach for Frankford Boys Club. He has a good understanding of our work in the schools and what our officers are up against.

Someone he would like to meet: Nick Foles

Meet Tom Rola, Statistical Analyst (Far Right)

Has been with the Unit for 12 years. He has served as an Incident Recorder for 2 years and Statistical Analyst for the past 10 years. PPD for 29 years. He is currently a Youth Soccer Coach. He is consistent, shows integrity and is all about the work. He plans on retiring in July 2022.

Someone he would like to meet: John F. Kennedy

Years of Service Highlight

William Goodwin, 38 years
Barry Wright, 35 Years
Johnnie Baker, 35 Years
Denise B Artis, 34 Years
Martin Wimbush, 32 Years
Benjamin A Thompson, 31 Years
Enrique Alvarado, 30 Years

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and tireless service!


Director of School Safety Operations: Lisa Seda
Assistant Director of School Safety Operation: Tyisha Godwin-Wright
Project Manager, Emergency Management: Tricia London
Director of Strategic Planning and Special Project: Justin Bangs
Area Manager: Erica Gilyard, Tiffany Curry, Thomas Terry*, Shymara Jones*
Supervisor: Juan Parrilla, Terrell Roby, Kristle House, William Sands, Lucille Hendricks, Kevin Leyden*, Elisha Roberson*

*These individuals are currently acting Area Managers and Supervisors.

SY21-22 Retirements

Saulman Byrd, Supervisor
Fayette Neal, School Safety Officer
Leonard Alexander, School Safety Officer
Donna Livingstone, School Safety Officer
Lorraine Brooks, School Safety Officer
Jorge Rodriguez, School Safety Officer
Marshall Kelly, School Safety Officer
Rudolph Grigg,s School Safety Officer
Gesel Seaborn, School Safety Officer
Frank Roman, School Safety Officer
Hugh Jenkins, School Safety Officer
Audrey Brooks, School Safety Officer
Louis Kober, Investigator
Larry Thurmond, School Safety Officer
Dennis Mcguigan, School Safety Officer