Posted on September 21, 2022
Categories: Office of School Safety, Staff Highlight

Officer Karimah Randolph is the School Safety Officer assigned to Penn Treaty School for 7 years. When she became a School Safety Officer, she did not know what this role had in store for her. At first, she did not know if the role was going to be a good fit, but that all changed once she got assigned to Penn Treaty School. She instantly fell in love with the staff and the students. Together they have created a culture of school safety in their school. All of them are active participants in keeping their school and each other safe.

“I’ve been blessed to stay here.” – Officer Karimah Randolph, Penn Treaty School

Throughout Officer Randolph’s time at Penn Treaty, she has built impactful relationships with her students. Penn Treaty has a diverse population of students, a third Latin/Hispanic, a third Black/African American, and a third White/Caucasian. Everyday she makes sure that they know that she cares. She always greets them with a smile, brings them their favorite snacks, and helps out however she can. The students of this school have a deep respect for Office Randolph and the contributions she has made to her school.

“We work as a family unit.” – Anna Forte, Dean, Penn Treaty School

Most notable was what Officer Randolph and school staff did to help a homeless student. They came together to make sure he had everything he needed to succeed. When she opened the building early every morning for the football team to use the weight room, she made sure to check in and give him food. When she noticed he needed new shoes, she brought him shoes. Then the day came when this student got accepted to a D1 university with a full football scholarship on the condition of him getting his GPA up. Everyone was so happy and excited for him. He was very close to achieving his goals. He had a few hurdles that he had to overcome, but he had the support of Officer Randolph and Penn Treaty. With their support, he was able to get his GPA up and secure his scholarship. During this time, Officer Randolph and her family provided him a place to stay in between prep school and college. Before long, Officer Randolph, Dean Forte and this student were on a plane to the university to move him in for his first semester.

“You know, it’s the ability to change a life and, and that’s what she’s been able to do in, within the realm of, of being [herself].it’s the ability, like literally [she] just broke a cycle. She just broke his cycle. He’s like one of 23.’’- Anna Forte, Penn Treaty School

The partnership and bond that Officer Randolph has developed with her school’s staff and students is incredible. She said that her biggest success being a School Safety Officer is when she can change somebody’s lifestyle. It means everything for a student to tell her that they are going to class and not allowing themselves to fail.

“I just had a student today that from the time I’ve met him said, teachers have said negative things [to him like] you ain’t gonna be nothing, this and that. He said, `Randolph, look at me, I’m passing everything. I’m going to graduate.” – Officer Karimah Randolph, Penn Treaty School

Karimah Randolph is not just a School Safety Officer. She is an active member of her school’s community. The Office of School Safety is proud to have her as an Officer in the School District of Philadelphia. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Written by Taylor Harrigan, Coordinator of Community Outreach and External Affairs, Office of School Safety