Posted on January 20, 2023
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Support Services Team Highlight: Threat Assessment Team

Meet our Threat Assessment Team! School Safety recently hired 2 Threat Assessment Liaisons to triage student threat assessments. This dynamic duo hit the ground running and have been a crucial part in improving our threat assessment process.  Both have extensive backgrounds in mental health and social work.

Meet Lisa Blake, Threat Assessment Liaison (Left)

She is new to School Safety and has been with the team for 3 months. Has over 25 years of experience in mental health. Worked as a mobile crisis specialist and case manager. She is a team a player and extremely hard worker.

Somewhere she would like to visit: Senegal

Meet Bernadette Waites, Threat Assessment Liaison (Right)

She started off as a School Safety Officer during SY21-22 and joined the team in October. Has over 25 years of experience in social work and corrections. She is known for her compassion and tenacity out in the field.

Somewhere she would like to visit: Her father’s birthplace in Ghana


School Safety Mentors: Aisha Locke, Alicia Bey Reid, Andre Saunders, Cameisha Banks Brown, Danika Jefferson, Edward Freeman, Eileen Ennett, Elijah Vereen, Jordan Catanch-Bradley, Karen Barrett, Kevin Harvey, Kimani Sanders Sr, Malcolm Sweet, Mickye Hardy, Na’Cole Jefferson-Goddard, Nikoli Norman, Paula Jackson, Ryan Bradley, Stephanie Johnson, William Allen, William Kimble
PSSP Coaches: Bernadette Ambrose-Smith, Vincetta Williams, Kynisha Johnson, Larry Taylor, Mike Pilla, Dorene Henderson, Donna Gessner, Gregory Moss, Tiffany Has, Anthony Pastore (Lead Coach)
Restorative Practice Administrative Officers: Kynisha Johnson, Elijah Vereen
PAL Officers: Kevin Hood, Jose Nazario


Program Coordinator, Youth Violence Intervention Program: Kevin Rosa
Area Managers: Tehran Caldwell, Natalie Carroll, Epifanio Figueroa*
Supervisor: Tyrone Graham, Tamika Ball *, Linda Sands*
*The individuals in these roles are in this acting.

SY22-23 Retirements

Denise Artis, School Safety Officer
William Brown, School Safety Officer
Alfonso Callazo, School Safety Officer
Antoinette Cook, Investigator
Hector Mendez, School Safety Officer
Diane Mercer, Fire and Safety Operations Officer
Royce Merriweather, School Safety Officer
Dean Niedosik, School Safety Area Manager
Anne Marie Nusslein, School Safety Officer
Jerome Perry, School Safety Area Manager
Clifford Person, School Safety Officer
Ivette Ramirez, School Safety Supervisor
Thomas Rola, Serious Incident Statistical Analyst
Bryan Singletary, School Safety Officer
Eric Waites, School Safety Officer