Child Accounting



  1. Why are you contacting me about guardianship status since my child is 18 and therefore independent?

If your child has been designated for special education then the school district where you reside is responsible for education until your child
earns a high school diploma or until the 21st birthday. Therefore, school district policy must be adhere to for all children regardless of

2. Do I contact someone in Child Accounting to have my child move from school or facility to another?

No, you would contact the Office of Student Placement if the child is attending a school within the Philadelphia school district, but if the
child is outside the district, call the facility that your child is currently in.

3. I am not sure of my status, what is a legal guardian?

A legal guardian is a person who has the authority and corresponding duty to make decisions for a child and care for his or her personal
needs and property. Authority is granted in writing by a court of law.  If the child has lived with you continuously that does not necessarily
imply guardianship.

4. What is a custodial parent?

If the mother and father are divorced, or otherwise live apart, or if one is incapacitated, then the remaining parent by court appointment becomes the legal guardian.