Transportation Logging

The ACCESS Program is required to maintain documentation for transportation services provided to Medicaid eligible students who have an IEP and receive a health-related service.

The documentation is recorded by the bus attendant on a monthly bus ridership attendance log. The logs are printed out by the principal or designee from the new Compass electronic system and given to the bus attendant at the beginning of the month. The bus attendant for public schools will return the signed completed log at the end of the month to Transportation Services, Education Center, Portal C.

For the Ridership Logging Guidelines for logging students who ride the bus please click below

The completed Ridership Attendance Log form should immediately be submitted to:

Transportation Services
Melanie Hobbs
440 N Broad St – Portal C
Philadelphia, PA 19130


Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding the bus logging, please contact:

Melanie Hobbs

Phone: 267-784-6147 or 215-400-5152