Dear Ben Franklin – Science Leadership Academy Families:

Providing a healthy, safe and welcoming learning environment for all of our students and staff remains our top priority. As part of our $37 million campus renovation, we have completed extensive asbestos abatement work throughout the building from August 2018 through July 2019. Asbestos testing was conducted and all areas passed inspection. Openly sharing this information with you is important to us.

All asbestos testing reports — including the School District of Philadelphia’s final clearance inspection reports verifying all work areas were visual clean, air monitoring was performed, and the results were within the re-occupancy standard — are available below for your review. A final report with all findings will be made available upon project completion later this year.

The goals of the School District of Philadelphia in performing this work are as follows:

  1. Co-locate two distinct high school programs, in an modernized building while maintaining their character and individuality.
  2. Provide collaborative, student-centered learning environments.
  3. Create a more productive environment to prepare students for real-world career opportunities.

What is the Project Schedule?

The project is scheduled to last 20 months:

  1. The Design Phase lasted 7 months; it began September 2017 and ended April 2018.
  2. The Construction Phase will last 13 months; it began June 2018 and will be completed July 2019.