The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) program routinely assesses and monitors school buildings for IEQ parameters in order to improve the quality of our indoor spaces.

Asbestos Monitoring and Abatement
OEMS is responsible for managing the School District’s Asbestos Program and all aspects of the federally mandated Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (see link below for AHERA program). The Asbestos Monitoring and Abatement program is based upon the proactive industrial hygiene philosophy of anticipating, recognizing, assessing, controlling and preventing asbestos-related concerns throughout all District-owned and operated facilities.

Mold Assessment and Remediation Services
Concerned about mold in your building? OEMS is responsible for responding to mold and chronic moisture-related issues within School District facilities. An in-house abatement team performs mold remediation services as needed following the assessment of same by highly experienced and respected professional environmental consultants. If you are concerned about mold in your building, please contact Francine Locke, MS, Environmental Director, School District of Philadelphia, 215-400-5213,

AHERA Program
OEMS is responsible for managing all aspects of the federally mandated Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Program for the District. The AHERA Program consists of regularly scheduled six-month surveillance inspections and three-year comprehensive inspections of all District facilities. OEMS retains all documentation of AHERA training records, AHERA Management Plans for every school, and annual notifications.

Water Quality (Lead) Management
OEMS is responsible for complying with a consent order and agreement with the City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health, regarding water testing drinking water outlets for lead content within all School District facilities.

Lead Paint Management
Lead paint is assessed and remediated by properly qualified/trained personnel and these projects are managed by OEMS or designated professional consulting firms.

Indoor Environmental Quality Program Management
The School District of Philadelphia has collaboratively designed and is beginning to move forward with implementing a comprehensive IEQ Management Program. The IEQ Program will ultimately improve and monitor the quality of indoor environments in School District of Philadelphia facilities.

Hazardous Material Management
OEMS is responsible for managing the handling, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous materials, including universal wastes, within all School District facilities. This goal is accomplished through the services of professional consultants who assist in the inventorying and proper disposal of such wastes/chemicals. Right-to-Know inspections are a part of this program.