“Since 1990’s, the School District of Philadelphia has offered Educational Options Program (EOP) as an alternative for adult students who are 18 years of age or older who aspire to obtain a high school diploma. EOP has become a viable option since many students value a high school diploma and are willing to complete the necessary courses to meet graduation requirements. At our EOP sites we are committed to preparing each student to be academically successful, socially responsible and focused on reaching their highest potential in high school and beyond. Staff will provide a secure, enriching, teaching and learning environment in which all are challenged and encouraged to succeed.”
  • Educational Options Program

    Program Type

  • 18 Years and Older

    Ages Served (No Upper Age Limit)

  • Teacher-Based Learning

    Instructional Model

Academic Highlights

What is an Educational Options Program?
Educational Options Program (EOP) is a program designed to allow adults to earn credits towards a high school diploma. In order to qualify for EOP, interested individuals must be 18 years of age or older (no upper age limit), and have earned 8 or more high school credits prior to enrolling. EOP students cannot be enrolled in traditional day school. The program is offered three times a year from October through June at the three different locations. Students have an opportunity to earn 6 or more credits towards graduation each academic year.

End of the Year Prom
Each year in June, Northeast High School EOP partners with the EOPs at Benjamin Franklin and Northeast Philadelphia High Schools to host an End of Year Prom for all students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Northeast High School EOP offers opportunities for students to participate in Student Advisory, various civic engagement and fundraising opportunities. Past activities have also included a taco fundraiser and cooking classes provided by Eat Right.