Philly School Experience Survey Technical Reports

The School District of Philadelphia Philly School Experience Survey (PSES) represents a unique opportunity for students, parents/guardians, teachers, principals/assistant principals, and support staff in Philadelphia’s District, Charter, and Alternative schools to share their perspectives and provide feedback about how they experience and perceive their schools. Our goal is that the feedback from the surveys be rigorous, actionable data that can be used to improve our city’s schools.

The technical report describes the framework that guided survey development, the administration of the surveys, the processes of survey reliability testing and validation, and the construction of school-level scores for reports.

2022-23 Technical Report

The 2022-23 Technical Report will be posted here in June 2024.

2021-22 Technical Report

Note: A new “Representativeness of Respondents” section (pp. 14-24) was added to this report in September 2023; all other information remains unchanged.