Pre-Kindergarten Parent Survey

The annual Pre-Kindergarten Parent Survey is closed.

Pre-Kindergarten Parent Survey Overview

Like the District-wide surveys, the Pre-Kindergarten Parent Survey was designed and launched in the 2015-16 school year to capture feedback from the school community on key topics related to school improvement—climate, communication, and parent/guardian-community ties. The survey asks for parent/guardian feedback on their experiences with their child’s pre-k program and also includes questions about parents’/guardians’ plans for sending their child to kindergarten and the kindergarten choice process.

A PDF copy of the 2017-2018 survey can be found HERE.

Survey Response Rates

The response rate from the first year of the Pre-K Survey (SY 2015-16) was 5%, with 150 respondents from School District of Philadelphia (SDP) sites and 320 respondents from partner provider sites, for a total of 470 respondents. The second year of the survey, administered in SY 16-17, had an increased response rate of 13%, with 692 responses from District sites and 540 responses from partner sites.

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