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We are continuously improving the available resources to improve teaching and learning. This site features steppers and videos for Google Tools available to all employees and students within The School District of Philadelphia. On this website, you will also find links to other digital resources available within our District.

If you are looking for family resources, click here to access the Family Tech Support Hub.

District-Created Google Classrooms

A Google Classroom is set up for every SIS-rostered course, homeroom, and advisory section. These District-created Google Classrooms are a direct reflection of the student, teacher, course, and section data in the Student Information System’s Gradebook. These classrooms are synchronized with the SIS (IC) on a daily basis. This is a one-way synchronization from SIS (IC) to Google Classroom. Google Classrooms will only update if there has been a change with a student, or if a teacher is added or removed from the SIS (IC) class. This synchronization is based on data that is in SIS (IC) by 2pm each day. Every student will have a Classroom for each course they are rostered to in the SIS.

PLEASE NOTE: Only teachers and co-teachers that have graded sections assigned to them will have District-created Google Classrooms available to them.

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Go Guardian: Check In with Students

Google Classroom Practice Sets

Instructional Resources for Teachers

Steppers and Videos

  • Basic Troubleshooting for Chromebooks
    • Stepper | Video
  • First Time Logging into a Chromebook (PhilaSD Wifi)
  • First Time Logging into a Chromebook (Wifi Secure)
  • Chromebook Recovery
  • How to Find the Serial Number
  • How to Switch to Home Network
  • How to Switch to School Network
  • Powerwash and Enroll a Chromebook
  • Primary Keyboard Best Practices
    • Stepper | Video
  • Request to Unlock a Chromebook
  • Switch the Chromebook Keyboard to QWERTY
  • Accessing Your GoGuardian Account
  • Applying a Scene (Blocked Websites)
  • Check In With Students
  • Creating A Scene (Blocked Websites)
  • Creating Class Schedules in GoGuardian
  • Excluding a Student from a GoGuardian Session
  • Locking and Unlocking Student Devices
    • Stepper | Video
  • Manually Starting and Ending GoGuardian Class Sessions
  • Opening a Website or Google Classroom Resource on Student Devices
    • Stepper | Video
  • Syncing Your Classes with GoGuardian
  • Using GoGuardian Timelines
  • Viewing Student Screens
    • Stepper | Video
  • Introducing Google Groups for Group Members
  • Collaborative Inboxes via Google Groups
  • Managing Membership Settings in Google Groups
  • Sending As a Group (Persona) in Gmail
  • Creating Group Labels
  • Searching in Google Groups
  • Favoriting a Group
  • Introducing Google Groups for Group  Managers
  • Managing Group Settings
  • Managing Group Memberships
  • Setting Auto-reply Messages for Google Groups
  • How to Join Tech Talk
  • Breakout Rooms in Google Meet
  • Google Meet/Jamboard Integration
  • Google Meet Settings
    • Stepper | Video
  • How to Blur or Change Background
  • How to Mute and Pin Students in Google Meet
  • How to Remove a Participant in Google Meet
  • Noise Cancellation in Google Meet
  • Polling Feature in Google Meet
    • Stepper | Video
  • Present Slide inside of Google Meet
    • Stepper | Video
  • Q & A Feature in Google Meet
    • Stepper | Video
  • Quick Access in Google Meet
    • Stepper | Video
  • Screen Sharing in Google Meet
  • Translate Captions in Google Meet
    • Stepper | Video
  • Add Ratings Smart Chip in Google Sheets
  • Adding Links in Sheets
  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing in Sheets
  • Basic Formatting in Sheets
  • Conditional Formatting Numbers in One Color
  • Conditional Formatting Numbers in Color Scale
  • Deleting Conditional Formatting in Sheets
  • Editing Conditional Formatting in Sheets
  • Creating a Google Sheet from a Template
  • Creating Tables and Charts in Sheets
  • Importing Charts and Graphs into Other Google Tools
  • Timeline Enhanced Formatting Options
  • Adding or Changing a Theme in Google Slides
  • Converting Google Slides to Lumio
  • Creating a Drag and Drop Activity
  • Creating Google Slides from Template
  • Creating Posters/Flyers in Google Slides
  • Importing Charts/Graphs to Google Slides
  • Inserting and Replying to Comments
  • Inserting Images into Google Slides by Searching the Web
  • Inserting Images into Google Slides from your Computer
  • Inserting Shapes into Google Slides
  • Inserting Videos into Google Slides from Google Drive
    • Stepper | Video
  • Inserting Videos into Google Slides from YouTube and URL
  • Viewing Version History


Email, or submit a ticket using the IT Help Desk app in the Employee Portal.