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What is the District doing to ensure student data security, privacy and safety?

Administrative Requirements for the Use of Websites, Computer Applications and Online Resources

The School District of Philadelphia has created requirements that reflect current legislation around student safety and student data privacy and security that helps guide schools in the selection and use of websites, computer applications and online resources.

Student Security, Privacy and Safety App Review

The School District of Philadelphia has created a tool that assists in evaluating and choosing apps that are compliant with federal regulations. This tool uses a rubric that reflects requirements of federal regulations and aligns with the rigorous vetting of apps being done by the district and our partners.

Professional Collaboration with Districts and Educational Partners

The School District of Philadelphia actively engages in collaboration with other districts and educational institutions who share an interest in ensuring and advancing student data privacy and security in an online accessible world.

App Review Team

The School District of Philadelphia has assembled a team of students, parents, educators, administrators and community members to evaluate apps for use in the district. Apps will be evaluated using a strict rubric developed to ensure compliance with federal regulation regarding student data privacy and security. Apps vetted by the team that meet the rigorous criteria will be approved by the district.

On-Going Professional Development of Principals and Teachers

The School District of Philadelphia will provide on-going access to professional development for teachers and principals so that schools can make informed decisions about the apps they choose and maintain a commitment to student data privacy without hindering innovation within the district. Schools will be provided with district-created or third-party materials to educate students on their own data privacy and security.

Data Privacy Language in District Contracts

When a vendor requires any part of a student’s education record beyond directory information and the District deems this vendor’s product to be beneficial to our students, a contract needs to be created to ensure the security and privacy of that data. Teachers cannot initiate or sign contracts. Please refer to the Office of General Council’s webpage for contract procedures.

Our commitment to Student Safety and Student data Privacy and Security is on-going and reflects a continued effort to learn and educate in order to stay up-to-date with this very important issue.