Sanctioned Foundational Systems

The following Systems are provided by vendors and are sanctioned by the District and do not need to be reviewed for compliance with student data privacy requirements. The district has entered into signed agreements with the vendors that provide these systems to ensure student data is secure and private.

Infinite Campus Student Information System (SIS)

In February 2017, the School District of Philadelphia launched the new student information system (SIS). The SIS is available online 24/7 and is accessible by students, parents, and educators based on what each group does with the system. The SIS is used to enter, track, and report on student information to do the following:Registration (Census) and Student Demographic Data, Enrollment, Scheduling, Gradebook and Report Cards, Attendance, Health, Behavior (Discipline), and RtII.

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SchoolNet Instructional Management System (IMS)

This system allows each school to align student assessment, curriculum and instruction; guide collaborative, data-informed discussion; and enable targeted instruction for every student by providing access to student data. Schools also input student grades. Parents and students have access to view student data and grades.

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EasyIEP Individualized Education Program (IEP) System

The Office of Specialized Services (OSS) and Public Consulting Group (PCG) have partnered to bring special education into the 21st Century by producing EasyIEP. This web-based special education documentation system works to ensure compliance with special education policies and procedures at both the federal and state levels.

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Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education is a set of communication and collaboration tools that includes email, calendar, and documents. The tools offer real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility – a great platform for teamwork in the 21st century. Through a signed agreement with Google, all data is secure and private.

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SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite is a set of interactive collaboration tools that include SMART Notebook, SMART AMP, SMART Lab, SMART Response and more. The tools offer interactive, engaging and collaborative software for use on SMART Boards and student devices. Through a signed agreement with SMART, all data is secure and private.

COMPASS Transportation Management System

This web-based Transportation Management System will automate various aspects of the transportation operation and services. The system will streamline processes and consolidate transportation information for schools. For example, all transportation request submissions and viewing of reports will be done with in the Compass system, versus submitting paper forms or accessing multiple online systems. Requests for transportation services will be submitted online using the ‘TAR’ (Transportation Access Request) module. Reports such as ROR (Request for Routes/Buss Assignments), Transpass Assignment Report, and Special Education Ridership Logs will be accessible through Compass. The system will also be accessible to Non-Public and charter schools as well.

COPA Pre-K Program Management System

This is a Pre-K data management system for basic student data, used by Pre-K teachers for their student tracking.

Horizon OneSource Food Services Point-of-Sale Management System

A Point-of-Sale system is used in school cafeterias. This allows schools and the District to track, at the student level, how many meals are served each day in order to ensure proper reimbursement.

Naviance College & Career Readiness Tools

Naviance is a web-based college-and-career readiness tool. This platform is available to all 6th to 12th graders and allows each student to enter their interests and abilities. Naviance’s algorithm then helps determine what career or higher-education options suit them best. This tool provides students and parents a better understanding of what avenues are open to them.This tool will also serve to aide counselors as they assist students making their post-graduation plans. Finally, it enables the District to track student’s post-secondary movement, as well as allow students to take standardized test-prep at no cost to their families.

ScholarChip Student Smart Card & Attendance System

All high schools and some large middle schools use student ID cards with embedded smart card technology in order to capture attendance. Attendance is taken as students enter the building and for the purpose of classroom level attendance. The attendance data is sent nightly to the SIS.