Posting Student Work

Media Release/Permission Form: Use of Student Image, Voice, Video or Work Publicly [Google Doc]

Download Guidelines: [Google Doc]

The School District of Philadelphia understands there may be educational value in allowing students to publish and share their work publicly using the Internet. In compliance with District Policy 815.1, here are some guidelines with regard to publishing student work online.

Posting of Student Work or Information publicly on the Internet

  1. Use the Media Release/Permission form linked above to obtain parental consent. Maintain a signed copy on file. Only first names should be used in published student work.
  2. Pictures/photos that are a part of student publishing should not include identifying information. Copyright laws and permissions should be followed.
  3. Under no circumstances should a student’s home address, phone number or email address be included.
  4. If replies to published student work are appropriate, the sponsoring teacher’s address should be the email address displayed, not the student’s.
  5. Grades or conduct of students should not be posted under any circumstance.

Use of the Google Apps For Education Environment and Other Approved Applications

  1. Staff and students are required to use District-provided GAFE accounts ( and not Google Personal accounts within the School District environment.
  2. Students documents should only be shared within the classroom or school.
  3. Schools are expected to teach Internet Safety and Privacy to all students on an annual basis and document this activity.
  4. Schools are expected to review the Student Code of Conduct with all students. As with any violation, schools are expected to take appropriate action.
  5. Principals have the option to have themselves listed in the sharing permissions on certain types of student documents.
  6. Classroom teachers should always be listed in the sharing permissions on student documents for assignments and projects.
  7. If a teacher or group of teachers want to collaborate across schools the principal must be made aware of the educational purpose and approve the plan.
  8. If a teacher or group of teachers wish to share student work to the entire domain, the principal must be made aware of the educational purpose and approve the plan. Prior to doing so, parents must sign the above parental consent form.
  9. Teachers are expected to monitor student interactions and intervene when needed to redirect students and reinforce appropriate behaviors.