• Request Advantage / Mainframe User ID – If you are a School District employee, please use the “Technology Access Request” online application located in the master login section.
  • 440 Location Space Request – To have a computer or telephone (new or existing) moved or installed at the Education Center, you must submit a request through the Location Request application, which can be found in the master login section.
  • Webpublisher Authorization Form – To request an individual be authorized to be a web publisher.
  • Report Card Information – Please use the form below to change the previous years’ marks for a student in the K-8 Report Card System.
  • Damaged Technology Inventory Removal Form –  Please complete this form when preparing a Personal Property Disposal (PPD) document in Advantage. Please forward the completed form to the Office of General Accounting, 440 N. Broad Street, Suite 322, Portal B or via email to
  • Scholarchip Login Form – Please complete this form for access to Scholarchip. Scan and e-mail your request to  Any questions, please call the IT Help Desk at 215-400-5555.  (This is a fillable form, you must download the form first to make it writable.)
  • External Users Form – Please contact the Program Office that is sponsoring your access request to receive the approved form.