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The Voices of our Future

Mission: PSTV is dedicated to providing youth equitable access to media tools, digital and media literacy training, and industry experience.

Vision: Cultivating community thought leaders, through immersion based media technologies and content development concepts.
Vision Statement:

Through the strong network of The School District of Philadelphia, PSTV provides students, educators and parents; media tools and education. We aspire to cultivate informed citizens about their communities so that…
…students understand how to analyze media and to critically think
…students are able to develop their team building & leadership skills through media production
…parents are informed and can be part of their students’ education
…parents will become more aware how the school system works
…Educators become better at using media in the classroom
…Educators can highlight their students’ work

About us:

In 1985, the School District of Philadelphia was awarded an independent education channel that was named PSTV. The channel has been used to bring a wide range of educational programming to the residents of Philadelphia. A few years ago, the studio was closed due to a staff reduction and funding constraints.

The relaunch of PSTV began in early 2014, through the efforts of the Office of Information Technology, the Superintendent, and many other departments.
PSTV is dedicated to working with youth of ALL ages to provide digital and media literacy training while preparing them to be career and college ready in an ever changing industry. PSTV is open to ALL students enrolled in any type of school in Philadelphia. Trainings are done in person through hands on experience utilizing state of the art industry production gear and virtually to continue to provide the most up to-date training need for our youth in the media field.  All PSTV programming is created by and for students that benefits them and their communities. We are a industry training facility for youth K-12.

PSTV provides to a Professional Studio located at the District office as well as external Media Hub spaces within our public schools all across the district.

PSTV can be found on Comcast/Xfinity Channel 52, Verizon Fios Channel 20, online broadcasting 24 hours a day.


Our Values

Equitable Access for Students – PSTV is open to ALL students enrolled in a Philadelphia school.  We provide an innovative multimedia space where all students can come together to share ideas, collaborate and garner hands-on experience in a welcoming environment.

Enrichment – Students receive hands-on educational experiences and opportunities in a state of the art production studio where they also learn to become media and digital literate.  In an effort to support the School District of Philadelphia’s anchor goals. PSTV places a strong emphasis on students being prepared for workforce and college readiness whether they are planning to choose media as an actual field of study or career.

Collaboration– PSTV works closely with other departments and outside partners to create pathways through collaboration, while empowering team building & leadership opportunities through 21st century skills to strengthen our student community.

Diversity – PSTV provides an inclusive environment within our media ecosystem for expression of all perspectives, viewpoints and beliefs, of ALL students.  We embrace the ability to bring students together to share ideas and tell their own stories.

Accessibility – PSTV provides every student access to media production technology for the creation, sharing, and consumption of knowledge and ideas. We offer services to all regardless of production experience, income, education, race, sex, ethnicity, physical ability, language, beliefs, or any other characteristics.

Creativity – Creativity is vital to the soul of community and our students. PSTV fosters a welcoming environment.

Transparency – PSTV operates as a trusted community partner & educator with integrity, open communication and practices.for the development and expression of original ideas, imagination, creative thinking, and innovation.

Professionalism – is imperative to the success of PSTV by providing excellent service in our interactions with students, public, educators, partners and anyone else that PSTV works with and we expect the same of our students working with us.