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The Voices of our Future

Mission: PSTV is dedicated to providing youth equal access to media tools, digital and media literacy training, and industry experience.

Vision: Cultivating community thought leaders, through immersion based media technologies and content development concepts.
Vision Statement:

Through the strong network of The School District of Philadelphia, PSTV provides students, educators and parents; media tools and education. We aspire to cultivate informed citizens about their communities so that…
…students understand how to analyze media and to critically think
…students are able to develop their team building & leadership skills through media production
…parents are informed and can be part of their students’ education
…parents will become more aware how the school system works
…Educators become better at using media in the classroom
…Educators can highlight their students’ work

About us:

In 1985, the School District of Philadelphia was awarded an independent education channel that was named PSTV. The channel has been used to bring a wide range of educational programming to the residents of Philadelphia. A few years ago, the studio was closed due to a staff reduction and funding constraints.

The relaunch of PSTV began in early 2014, through the efforts of the Office of Information Technology, the Superintendent, and many other departments.
PSTV is dedicated to working with youth of all ages to provide digital and media literacy training while preparing them to be career and college ready in an ever changing industry. Training will be done through hands on experience utilizing state of the art industry production gear.

All PSTV programming will be created by and for students that benefits them and their communities.

PSTV can be found on Comcast Channel 52, Verizon Fios Channel 20, online broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Current Partnerships Include:

The Office of The Arts & Academic Enrichment – provides leadership, supervision, and support for Art, Music, Theater, Dance, and Media Instruction programs in the School District of Philadelphia. The objectives are to develop, implement, evaluate, and revise standards-based curriculum, professional staff development programs, and the design of new programs in the fine and performing arts for students in grades K-12, in accordance with SDP Action Plan 3.0, Anchor Goals 1-4.

The Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE) – The Communications Cluster is comprised of programs that focus on careers in the Communications industry. These programs prepare students to pursue full-time employment in the industry or post-secondary education after graduation. Currently 11 schools are participating in CTE. Sponsored by CTE.

WHYY Media Labs – A grant funded program managed by WHYY staff in our high schools & middle schools. Flash labs are done during school hours but expand to after school depending on the school. Currently serving 5 schools with 11 scheduled to be on board by end of 2016. Sponsored by the PSD CIO and their staff.

Penn GSE Program – This is a Penn graduate course that takes 9 grad students and places them into 3 Philadelphia high schools for the year. They work with students to produce media around the school. There is a research (study) component around this initiative by both SDP and Penn. – Sponsored by the CIO and the Districts Deputy of Research is directly involved with this and other Penn GSE initiatives.

Last modified: July 27, 2017