WHYY Media Labs

WHYY Media Labs – A grant funded program managed by WHYY staff in our high schools & middle schools. Media labs are done during school hours but expand to after school depending on the school. Currently serving 34 schools. Sponsored by the PSD CIO and their staff.


You can keep up to date here:

https://studentmedia.whyy.org/ category/media-labs-in- schools/

2019/2020 Schools Selected

Finletter, Parkway Northwest, Ziegler, CAPA, Wagner MS, and Ben Franklin HS

2018/2019  Schools selected

Constitution HS, Kensington HS, Hill-Freedman World Academy, Bregy Elementary, Mayfair Elementary, Kenderton Elementary

Schools with Media Labs
Carver E&S, Martha Washington , George Washington , Wagner, Arthur, Mayfair, Kensington HS, Kenderton, McCall, Ziegler, Franklin Learning Center, Decatur, Lincoln, Penn Alexander School, HA Brown
Henry (Mt. Airy), Constitution HS, Furness HS, Saul, MLK, Julia de burgos, Childs, Bregy, Masterman, Parkway NW, Tilden, CAPA, Cook, SLA Beeber, Mitchell (Southwest), Penn Treaty, Labrum
Lea, CCA Baldi, Northeast HS, Feltonville, Finletter, Palumbo, U School, Dobbins, Meehan, AMY at James Martin, Hill-Freedman, Ben Franklin, GAMP