Virtual Club

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Filmbuilding –  4:00-6:00 Every Wednesday beginning April 17th, 2024

Classes are to be held Virtually (via Google Meet). – Grades 9-12

In this virtual Spring Semester workshop, high school students from around the United States come together to co-create a series of short films exploring the state of our nation through the theme
This Filmbuilding experience will include online group discussions and editing as well as offline filming. This is a FREE workshop!

All finished films will be screened during the virtual premiere event on April 11. (Visit the Filmbuilding website for more information.)

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Music Appreciation/Production –  4:00-6:00 Every Monday beginning April 8th, 2024

Classes are to be held Virtually (via Google Meet). – Grades 5-12

Learners can deconstruct popular songs to train and develop their ears in this course. As producers, knowledge of basic music theory, instrumentation, the sonic space of a song, and production tools are essential skills in helping to guide artists from concept to product. Each week, students will share meaningful music, and together, we will use our expanding musical vocabulary to discuss it and gain a greater appreciation for new music and our shared experiences.

We will deconstruct and analyze the song for its essential parts: structure, lyrics, motifs, instrumentation, and sonic scape. Why do artists and producers make the choices they make? What sounds are used, and how can they be recreated? How do artists sample tracks? What makes a great lyric? What kinds of conversations are had by artists and producers in the studio? Together, we will train our ears through critical analysis and discussion. Love music? Share your passions and questions in this class!

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